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who cast the curse

Forums ► General Info ► who cast the curse

who cast the curse
Post # 1
can i find out who cast the curse?
someone cast a curse on my mother
she was in the hospital for a few months
still needs to take tons of pills a day
and to go for 5 days each month to the hospital receive a special medication
i'm pretty sure that the ritual involved water in which a corpse was washed
she suspects a certain woman which threaded one of her friends to cast a death spell on him
that woman doesn't like my mother neither
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Re: who cast the curse
Post # 2
serch the spell lists you might find somthin you'l need,

and here is a VERY easy wishing spell that might help(i havent posted this yet) write a wish on a bay leafe and burnit(easer to throu in a fire)
i hope your mom gets better!
blessed be the gods!
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Re: who cast the curse
Post # 3
WOW!! dose NO ONE here care about this persons mom?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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Re: who cast the curse
Post # 4
LOL Gadam :3. That was random. Anyways to get serious here, I'd recommend checking for any psionic links telepathically, empathically, and scanningly, tied to your mother. Since I'm more of a psion I guess it's kind of predictable that I'd suggest something like that ^^;. If you find any, make sure to either shred them, or better yet link yourself to the link and start sending random unstable levels of energy towards to attacker and Not your mom D:!!! Send them like high, high, low, higher, lowest, high, lower, highest. Otherwise I'd try some healing spells, some wishing spells, maybe even that bitch be gone spell from SoM's b.o.s. Oh, and try this spell.

~WARNING~Treat this Ritual with the utmost Respect! ~WARNING~

Take a few minutes to relax and when you are ready you may proceed. You will need a Dagger or if you do not have one you may use your index finger. You are going to be tracing Pentagrams in the air, vibrating sacred names of God, and calling upon the Archangels to surround you. You are going to have to visualize these things you do but after much practice you will see the Pentagrams and angels and not have to imagine, because they are really there!

Now... Take your dagger and stand facing the east. Place the dagger in your right hand and follow the next steps.
1. Touch you forehead and vibrate the name (ah-tah).
2. Touch the dagger to your chest and vibrate the name (mahl-koot).
3 .Touch your right shoulder and vibrate name (Vih-G'boo-rah)
4. Touch your left shoulder and vibrate the name (Vih-G'doo-Lah)
5. Fold your hands at chest and point them forward with the dagger pointing the same direction. Vibrate (Leh-Oh-Lahm)
6. Keep hands folded and point them up with dagger pointing the same direction. Vibrate the word (Amen)
7. Stay facing the east and trace a pentagram as big as you can in the direction that the diagram below shows...

Start here at the bottom left hand corner... Imagine that as you trace this pentagram it is done in blue flame. So you now have a flaming blue pentagram. Thrust at the middle of the pentagram with the dagger and vibrate the sacred name (Yud-Heh-Vahv-Heh)
8. From that point trace a single line in white fire to the South. By this time you should be facing south. Each time you trace a new pentagram, make sure that you are facing the direction that you are pointing in. Now that you are facing south, trace a pentagram in blue flame. Thrust at the middle and vibrate the sacred name (Ah-Doh-Nye)
9. Repeat this tracing your line to theWest. Thrust at the pentagram and vibrate the sacred name (Eh-Hehee-Yeh)
10. Repeat once again this time to the North.Thrusting once again vibrate the sacred name (Ah-Glah) Now trace a line back to theEast to finish off the circle.
***You now have 4 blue flaming pentagrams and a circle of white fire surrounding you.***
11 .Stretch your arms straight out to the sides and say...

Before me Ra-Fay-El behind me Gab-Ray-El at my right hand Mih-Chai-El at my left hand Ar-Ree-El around me flames the Pentagram within me shines the six ray star. Visualize theseArchangels standing a good 9 feet tall surrounding you. Believe me, they are there. Imagine seeing this six rayed star shining in the middle of your chest. This star is the Hexagram the same shape as the "Star of David".
12. Repeat steps 1-6 and you are done.
You are now protected by the Power of God and his Archangels. All spirits that may have been around you are now banished. You are now in the presence of God. If you been conjuring up some type of spirit or have been using the Ouija board, you will want to use this ritual at the end of your Practices. This ritual should be done every day just to protect you and build up your Aura. There are psychic Vampires out there that looking to drain the energy out of the unepexting victim. This is a very simple ritual so memorize it, and do it well.

As you know, spells work better when they're your own, so I'd recommend reconfiguring the spell almost entirely to make it directed at them protecting your mother.
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Re: who cast the curse
By: / Adept
Post # 5
Uriel, hire a reputable card reader to do a divination on your mother's status.

By reputable i mean an adult and someone who does it professionally or semi-professionally. Oh, and real psychics usually don't make enough money to afford the top advertisement billing on a Google search. Avoid those readers with flashy ads.

Call your local occult store for recommendations.
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Re: who cast the curse
Post # 6
Gadamlu - thank you very much for the advice
but at a certain point when i've started converting to Judaism i've made a decision that i shall stop practicing witchcraft (as it's practice is forbidden for Jews) and only use magick for healing when at danger or when i'm just really IS in BIG trouble
otherwise i prefer staying away from it even thou i do study mysticism and esotericism (mostly focusing on the Hermetic and ancient Hebrew teachings)
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Re: who cast the curse
Post # 7
Kodyc13 - sorry don't know how to do that
as for the lesser ritual of the pentagram - oh lol xD i was just rereading about it when i came to check my post and you was here talking about it
that's got to be divine providence xD
anyway - don't think i am righteous enough person to speak out the names which are given at this ritual as they are not to be pronounced by random ignorant sinful people
it is even forbidden to even write those names in it's original Hebrew language if you suspect that the thing that you write it on might later be destroy or/and blasphemed and/or dishonoured
thanks for all the help thou
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Re: who cast the curse
Post # 8
LdyGry - i guess that it may indeed will be a good idea to contact a professional on this subject if i'll of course will be able to convince my mother and to talk her into that
i don't know any occult stores near me thou
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Re: who cast the curse
Post # 9
you could try this

Break the powers of spell

Place the candle into the black bowl, fix the candle to the bowl using wax drippings from the candle so that it stands alone

fill the bowl to the rim with fresh water, without wetting the wick. Breathe deeply and meditate for a few minutes. When your mind is clear light the candle. Visualize the power of the spell cast against you as living within the candles flames. As the candle burns down, it will sputter and go out as it touched the water. As it is extinguished by teh water the spell is broken. Finally, dig a hole into the ground, pour the water into it, then bury the candle.
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Re: who cast the curse
Post # 10
SilverVixen - can i do this for someone else or does the cursed person has to do it herself?
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