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Forums ► General Info ► scrying?

Post # 1
I would like to learn on how to scry i have a pretty good idea on how to prefrom it i was curious on how other people practice scrying
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Re: scrying?
Post # 2
You can do scrying in different ways.
Some people use fire as a method of scrying, others as crystal balls.
I don't use neither, seeing as I don't use scrying yet.
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Re: scrying?
Post # 3
I've heard fire scrying as well.. or was that from a card game? Or maybe a book?
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Re: scrying?
Post # 4
The most commenly heard of version of scrying, other then a crystal ball, would be with water or a mirror. Course I don't know how to scry but I've been told that the mirror is the easiest...
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Re: scrying?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
I haven't used scrying in years but my grandmother does it alot, she allways uses fire with magnesium sulfate and copper chloride on top of the fire to color it blue and bright white although she only realy did that for effect because as she told me it doesn't actualy help at all, lol.
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Re: scrying?
Post # 6
Scrying, in a nutshell, can be done with anything really.

People tend to scry with things that are intriguing to the eye, to better stimulate the brain. You get relaxed, with your candle, mirror, crystal, water, whatever and you look into it. You can ask the forces that be to send you a messege (abot your mother's health, the near future, danger closeby, etc) or just relax and let the images that start to come just come.

These are not always physical images, and may occur in your 'mind's eye', so to speak. I've always interpreted the images I get using dream dictionaries and intuition.
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Re: scrying?
Post # 7
I agree, it can be used with anything you feel comfortable using. I first learned with a a simple bowl of water..then as time went on, I experimented with other tools..Good luck, and dont get discouraged.
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Re: scrying?
Post # 8
here is a good article on scrying ,

Black Mirror Scrying Tips & Techniques
Scrying is a technique that in some ways is harder than more traditional methods of divination such as tarot or runes. It is usually more symbolic and interpretation is a very personal process. There is no one "right way", or "wrong way" to scry. It's whatever works for you.

It is nearly always best to scry at night when it’s dark, because this method of divination is very closely related to the moon. Most people scry indoors (but there is nothing wrong with doing it outdoors), and if you choose indoors you should make sure all the lights are out except for a single candle. The candle should be out of your line of sight when you are looking at your mirror. Try placing it above and behind you. Some people like a steady candle flame, others like a flickering flame. Trim the wick according to your personal preferences.

The room should be as quiet as you can make it. If you do find that you still get unwanted sounds filtering through (as is often the case in an apartment) try playing some very soft instrumental music. Don’t choose music with lyrics as firstly you may subconsciously find yourself listening to them rather than concentrating on scrying, and secondly, lyrics may influence your vision.

Make sure you won’t be disturbed. Find a comfortable way of sitting with your mirror. Whether you choose to hold it, or place it before you is a matter of personal preference. Although you can scry at any time of the month most people find that visions are stronger around full moon time.

It is a good idea to have a short meditation session prior to scrying as this often helps to get you into the mood, or right frame of mind and helps to release some of the everyday tension we all get. You should be feeling as relaxed and receptive as possible. Make sure you are sitting comfortably.

When you look into your mirror try to look past the surface into the center of it. Try to keep your eyes fixed on one spot. Don’t worry about blinking. When you first start you’re very aware of the need to blink, but this will lessen as you relax. So don’t force yourself not to as distraction is the inevitable result.

Set yourself a limit for your scrying session. If you are not in the habit of meditating then 15 minutes is probably a good starting point. 15 minutes will actually seem quite a long time especially when you are trying to stop your mind from wandering! If you do meditate regularly then do whatever you are comfortable with though I would limit it to an hour. If you haven’t “connected” in that time then you are unlikely to in that session. Don’t set a timer though. Anticipation of it going off will prove very distracting.
The words “scry” and “vision” tend to be synonymous with the sense of sight. This is not necessarily the case as you may will receive information through any of your senses. If you expect to “see” information you may well prevent reception through another sense. You could even receive information through all five senses at once. When you do receive information, its context or meaning may not be initially clear to you. It may well be like a dream. In other words, it will need interpretation. If you are familiar with other forms of divination such as Tarot, or runes etc. you can always use a simple spread or cast after your session to help interpret what you have received. That’s not to say that all visions will need interpreting. Some won’t. Their meaning will be crystal clear.

If you intend to scry on a regular basis it would be a very good idea to start a scrying journal. Date and time each session and once you have finished for that night, note down all your perceptions. If the meaning of your vision(s) was not immediately clear, sleep on them overnight and then work on interpretation the next day. Although some will be so clear they will need little or no interpretation, most will and you will benefit from meditating on them thus giving yourself a while to absorb/discover the true meaning.

When scrying for the very first time people often see clouds of colors in their mirror. Some people will never get past this stage. If that should happen to you then don’t be put off. The colors themselves can be interpreted just as you would an aura etc. However, with practice, patience and persistence, there is no reason why you cannot progress.

from wiccan world
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Re: scrying?
Post # 9
Merry Meet dstrat.

I scy a lot and I use a bowl and water. The bowl is black and just plain water in it. I like to do it in a darkened room with candles light only. I place the bowl on a low table and in a position where I can see the water but not my reflection in it. Then I meditate and if I have a question I ask this.

I always do a ritual beforehand that cleanses me and the space I work in plus I also put into place some protection. I always call the quarters or elements to protect me.

Hope this helps. It is really very simple and you don't need expensive things just a dark coloured bowl - a white one will not work.

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Re: scrying?
Post # 10
I've heard about it on Charmed but I'm not sure if how they do it is the real deal or not but they use a map, crystal and something that belongs to the person they're scrying for and they spin the crystal around the map untill the point lands on a location and BAM! they found him/her.
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