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artice on making wands

Forums ► Magic Items ► artice on making wands
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artice on making wands
Post # 1

How to Make Magick Wands
By Lily Gardner

Wands have served as tools since humans could break a branch off a
Tree point. They are as old as magic itself.

As a wand extends from your arm, magically speaking, it extends from
Your will. It can be used to direct energy and amplify power, or it
Can help you cast your circle, draw magical symbols, or stir a

The traditional wand is a simple branch of oak, willow, or hazel
Wood cut the length of your arm from the crook of your elbow to the
End of your middle finger. The wand is best cut on Wednesday, the
Day of Mercury. Although the simple branch is traditional, many
Witches possess wands made from an array of woods and crystals that
Reflect either personal energy or the intent the wand is being used

Personal Energy

There are hundreds of ways to design a wand that reflects personal
Energy. Here are a few ideas:

Fashion a wand using your astrological sign. Suppose Cancer is your
Birth sign. Make your wand from willow, a tree favored by the moon,
Cancer's planet. Paint the wand silver or gray, Cancer's colors, or
Paint the Cancer glyph on your wand with silver paint. Insert Cancer
Stones, such as pearl or moonstones. Because Cancer is a water sign,
You might wrap your wand in watery colors of blue and green or
Attach charms of fish and crabs.

You could fashion your wand from your Chinese birth year. Suppose
You were born in the year of the rabbit. The rabbit is associated
With the Chinese element of wood, so any wood that appeals to you
Will work. Green is the color of the rabbit, so wrap your wand with
Green leather strips or ribbon. It is said that you will be
Especially lucky if you use the color green in combination with red.
Wrap a band of rabbit fur around your wand, or hang rabbit fetishes
From the ribbons.


The beauty of making a wand for a specific goal is the spell
Actually begins the moment you start gathering materials and
Preparing for it. Simply hold your magical goal firmly in your mind
And heart as you go about fashioning a wand, and the wand is sure to
Have tremendous power by the time you're ready to use it.

Gather a tree branch from the ground or from a tree itself. If you
Take a live branch remember to ask permission from the tree and its
Owner before removing it. Assuming that you have the tree's
Permission, leave an offering of copper, tobacco, or crystals. Next,
Take your wand home and sand it starting with medium-grade
Sandpaper, such as number 120. Finish with a number 180 sandpaper
For fine sanding. If you focus your intention on its magical use,
You will empower your wand. When it's sanded, you can hollow out one
End with a small knife and glue in a quartz crystal tip. Quartz
Crystals help focus energy. Some Witches tip their wands with acorns
Or pine cones.

The final step is to dedicate the wand. Many Witches put a drop of
Their own blood on the wand. It is said that menstrual blood is very
Powerful. Consecrate it by passing it through the smoke of burning
Incense and the flame of a burning candle to empower your wand. Drop
A few drops of holy water (or anointing oil) on your wand and
Sprinkle a few grains of salt on your wand to strengthen and deepen
Its magic. If you have a name in mind for your wand, name it now.
Finally, hold the wand against your solar plexus, the chakra of
Will, and empower your wand.

Wands are powerful tools. Made with good intention from the work of
Your own hand, they can work mighty magic.

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Re: artice on making wands
Post # 2
Actually, A wand can be made by others for you. i my self have made a lot of wands for my friends who are practicing witch craft and my wands word well with them. Others even ask me to make one for them. so I guess wands can be made by others for you as long as the maker will give you the wands willingly.
oh and for those who want one, just email me. potzy_4nic8@yahoo.com

its free guys I don't sell my wands I give them to those who can use them and work with them.
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Re: artice on making wands
Post # 3
so ur wands workd. mail me
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Re: artice on making wands
Post # 4
a wang is just a tool that has magic in eccence embeded in it ot is mainly ment to help contorl magic but it can sheild you from damage if somthing goes wrong. this also aplies to staffs it works for everyone that practices magic and works best for that maker of the wand.
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Re: artice on making wands
Post # 5
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Re: artice on making wands
Post # 6
true, any thing can be a tool too channel your energy.. and yes the connection of the wand and the maker is powerful, but, if the maker choose to give the wand away any one who practice magic can use them. further more if you consecrate your wand this will make them yours.
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Re: artice on making wands
Post # 7
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