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Black magik and karma

Forums ► General Info ► Black magik and karma

Black magik and karma
Post # 1
Some ramblings of a curious mind ~~

I understand that magik takes no side. It is neither white, nor black, good nor bad. It is what it is and reflects the users intentions.

I also understand that not everyone follows the laws of Karma.

Now here's my question(s)...why is it that some who use magik with "ill" ( I use the term losely )intent see no negative impact on their life, while others seem to be engulfed by it?
Is Karma real? Or is it the natrual process of what goes up must eventually go down? Is there some cosmic rule that says what goes around comes around, or is it simply a manifestation of our own mind that causes a negative reaction for some?

Just wondering what others thought.
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Re: Black magik and karma
Post # 2
I believe in karma, in fact I experience it all of the time. Karma is a natural and true justice.
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Re: Black magik and karma
Post # 3
Is it?

What about, for example, Pedophiles. The repeat offender who has yet to be caught. Is justice letting more children experience the physical and mental pain of his actions?

If Karma is a never ending cycle, which in theory it would have to be, why is it those who do good deeds see horrible ends? ( not all cases, but enough to be noticed )

A woman who donates both her time and money to the community, to help those who need it is gunned down by someone who wants her pusre. By the laws of Karma, should she not have had positive actions come to her instead of negative?
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Re: Black magik and karma
Post # 4
oooh im not even gonna bother here... ill let my man answer
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Re: Black magik and karma
Post # 5
The reason it isn't making sense is because you are looking at the concept of karma through a human mind or worldly perception, cause and effect aren't always directly visible, as your example about the woman that make the donation and then gets shot, you only see it from one point of view, who is to say that she didn't have past karma which she was paying for, who is to say that in dying in such a manner she didn't actually break out of the cycle of death and rebirth quicker? Humans are selfish, they only see the here and now and what they get out of it, well Karma doesn't work that way, it works on the basic concept of the law of attraction, what you push out is what you will get back amplified, now what you get back is not always a directly visible or noticable influence, yet it is there to some degree, and even if you deny karma in life you still have to face your own karma after you die, now there are very few people who have powerfull enough minds to do a true sin and not regard it as such on some level. Another way to visualize it is along the concept of the chaos theory, that one small effect can have great reaching effects in the greater scheme of things (CHAOS BUTTERFLY), so one pushes out pure negativity, as it moves out of the body or soul it spreads like the waves in a pond after a stone is dropped in, now every other soul this energy comes into contact with it effects, whether it be on a direct level, or just causing a down feeling, but the more souls this negative energy touches the more negative energy gets bounced back at it from the other souls along with a bit of extra momentum and energy added by each souls subconcious. Karma is a soul thing, to understand it don't look at it through a human point of view, human time perception, even common human morality, to understand karma one needs to understand the universe, because the patterns in karma is a pattern which we encounter many other places eg. ego death, growth of the soul, worship etc.
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Re: Black magik and karma
Post # 6
Aaaaand the nobel price for study on life and all connected to it goes toooooooooooo KAOOOOOO!!
Man...is there something that you don t know...You just make me proud!
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Re: Black magik and karma
Post # 7
I agree with you Kao.

My thoughts tends to flip flop and be hypocritical. At one moment I can agree with you and in the next breath go back to what has been programed into my mind by all sorts of different things and people.

That's why I bring things like this up. To learn more from others, and myself.
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Re: Black magik and karma
Post # 8
Even if karma does not affect you in life,in death it will.

Time or place is not so important to karma.
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Re: Black magik and karma
Post # 9
In my opinion karma only affects you at the end of life. When you're using magick for dark and unjust intentions I think that the black magickal spirits often turn against you, having the perfect oppurtunity to attack TWO people. OR you could do black magick and nothing will happen, and then you start to feel for some odd reason you are potentially the most powerful dark magician in the world so you continue your negative path. It is the evil SPIRITS who would be using and controling you and making you feel powerful for their OWN intentions.
True some people do bad and never get caught like paedophiles, murderers who are never caught, Jack the Ripper (though he could have faced some sort of tradgic happening or even death after he stopped his kilings, but I don't think that would be karma).
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Re: Black magik and karma
Post # 10
Yes please keep in mind that western-culture legalities, are onee perspective largely based on christianity, and with little in relation to karma or nature.

Lets take the example 'pedophiles" people that love children.
The closest relative to homo-sapiens is the bonobo chimpanzee, which regularly have sex with infants.
In some cultures such as france, teaching children how to have sex, was merely an extension of the parenting role.
physically touching children when they are young, allows them to view that kind of touching as appropriate when they are oldder.

for instance people that are "cold and distant" likely were not touched as children.
Also keep in mind that pedophiles typically were molested as children, so are simply emulating what they see as appropriate behaviour.

Okay now lets look at charity, many in western culture have the illusion that it has karmic significance, much like how catholic schoolchildren believed that they could beat up and sin all they liked as long as they confessed on sundays.
However charity is little more than a symbolic gift,
since you haven't actually put any of your time into creation or assistance.
Now where does that charity money go? well most of it goes to funding more charities, advertising or good PR.
What does go where it is intended is typically only done in collaboration with the governments.
Usualy countries that need aid are dictatorial,
so that money gets funneled to further the cause of genocide.
in one way or another.
For instance undercutting food prices so local farmers starve, creating famines in the future.

Remember karma applies to Your thoughts and actions.

Also in terms of black-magic it depends on the total karmic balance. For instance if someone was to kill some prison guards, but to allow many prisoners to go free, chances are there would be net positive karmic balance, as so many lives are enhanced and benefited by having freedom.
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