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Name: Vangel
Birthday: May 11
Location: Brasov, Romania
Gender: Female
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Hi, i'm not very good at writing about me but here we go: my name for this site is Vangel (not my real name) and i don't really live in one place which kind of sucks. I travel a lot and live with loads of different relatives of mine. I was born in Romania but i'm not Romanian, i'm english/american. My father lives in Romania and i only live with him on occasion. Mainly i live with cousins and aunts and uncles. I joined this site because i wanted to hear about others peoples experiences. :) I was introduced to magick when i was 11 when i was with my aunt. I'm good at and happy to help anyone with: Astral Projection, Dreams, Visions, Ghosts/Spirits and Kinesis work. I practice magick a lot and love doing so. Currently I'm learning even more about healing and improving my knowledge and power in healing and also learning new areas of Geokinesis. RECENTLY!! I managed to heal this cat's may sound silly and a little childish but it was a great acheievement for me as i've been trying to heal something for ages. I'm proud of myself but i still need to work on my strength. Some people will look at me and then keep looking because they can't figure it out. My eyes look kinda um . . . weird. They aren't one colour they're a mixture of blues, purples, greens and browns. My favorite song is Land of Talk - Quarry Hymns. :) My favorite colours are white, black, red and purple. I LOVE: -Sitting in a forest whilst reading. -Red roses, and i would love to find a naturally black rose and keep it in a box somewhere :) -Smiley's :) :D :P ;) :L -Cookies And Ice Cream. -Drawing -Writing my Own Stories -Sitting by a Lake -Practising Magick -Anime And i dont like big houses, you get lost in them easily on first visit. I'm online quite a bit so if anyone wants any help with any of the topics i've listed up there ^ then feel free to do so. Or if you just wanna socialize i'm up for a nice chat. :) So thats me . . .