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Magic is interesting, if you look into it.
If you've seen movies like Twilight, and other magicical films. They ar'nt real magic. No one can turn into a vampire, or be a werewolf. Real magic is about chanting and preparation, not a quick abracadam and you've got a chocolate mountain. Because you cant just wave a wand and there is a chocolate mountain no way. Well that would be cool.
Theres different types of magic, including, wicca, white magic, black magic, voodoo, herbal magic, and all the rest.
The date is JANUARY 2010, I just got an account for Spells Of, and I was all addictid to the Harry Potter series. I thought magic was like waving a wand and say a quick word and kabam, theres somthing you wont see everyday.
MARCH 2010. I lernt what magic realy was and I started to make a wand, look up spells, and cast them.
AUGUST 2010. I started looking into herbs, I found them very intresting, so I looked up different types of ones and went out looking for them.
OCTOBER 2010. I started to look at the Spells Of shop at all the things they had, they seemed cool. I made a wish list with over 20 things.
Tonights moon is a First Quarter, 50% full.
Im in Spell Casters coven/group.
Its scilent.
Its dark.
Its lonely.
Its wet.
Its night.
Its bright.
Its at night.
Its big.
Its out every night.
Its the moon.