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Too much work and no play will not only result in fatigue and frustration but also loneliness, too. Your added discipline will help you complete the impossible at work. You need to keep everyone on your domestic scene too busy to complain.
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Name: Belda
Location: With my Mother.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 26 Feb 2011
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I have prophetic powers due to my ancient bloodline. Being over five hundred years of age, I am one of the oldest known beings in the World.... if any one needs a reading privately message me.... I am of Viking and Norse bloodline, i have a special connection with my mother who birthed me... she has booned me with prophetic powers and i am grateful to her. I am here to teach and also learn... I expert it the art of Only Rune Casting and Rune Magic... MY MOM, MY HERO Whatever I am today, whatever I have achieved...I owe to my mom Windsong. She has taught me well. My mom was not only the typical mom who would wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for us...Nor is she the type who'd cook tons of stuff for us so that by the time we get home from school there'd be hot chocolate and pancakes waiting for us on the dinner table. No. Mom was more than that. She is the working-mom-kind-of-mother. She's cool. After dinner, she makes sure to catch her fave TV programs. Mama is very intelligent. I admire her for what she knows and for being so cool about it. Ask her any question and she is always beaming with the right answer. (I wonder how she did that). She often challenges my values, my convictions - only to make sure that I keep the right ones, and dispel those that would harm the mind, body & spirit. She WAS and IS my idol. I remember watching her tutor my baby sister Theresa( who'd never give up until she fully understands the prose and poetry to be discussed the next day. She wanted to understand every line, every detail so that she'd score high in recitation. Well, guess what? She graduated with FIVE HONORS in high school, and has become a consistent scholar in college. I know deep in my heart that without mom's dedication and knowledge, she wouldnt have succeeded that much. ( I now wonder why I only looked at them while they studied... when i could have gotten my turn in the tutorial....ahhh....never mind...too late for that huh?) When I started to grow up and became conscious of my physical "form" mom would always highlight what she thinks is good in me - I mean, she's always comment on the way I carry myself, the way I am with people...but she'd always push push push me to read - which up until this time is still my waterloo...hay, mom...how can you be so right???? I remember telling her about the guys and girls I meet and the guys and girls ;) that interests me? I'd never get a "spanking" for that...but only gentle reminders....she was careful enough to make me understand when she wants to drive home a point. she will not say "NO" right to your face, but she's always tell you to think about things...give it time...learn to know the person...etc, etc....so loving yet, always with a punch. The wisdom that my mom shared with me is simply priceless. These are the very things that I, in turn, share with my daughters...specially now that they are quickly growing up and wanting to be unleashed. Whether I am in the corporate jungle or simply at home...whether in the church counselling or having coffe with my friends, everything that my mom has taught me still springs out from deep within me. The people that I talk to would sometimes asks me where I get such wisdom...and I tell them its coming right from the heart. I know its also a pool of past experiences, but without a mother guiding you as you go through life, my paths would have been different. I will not deny it, there were times when I'd listen to mama and do the other way and learn the lessons after. I'd sit beside her and tell her my story and while expecting to get this " thats-what-you-deserve-kind-of-sermon'??? but nah...all i heard was..."well, sometimes you learn the hard way!" (isnt that so heart-breaking? you bet, my heart broke several times....if you know what I mean) Even at the point where she was old and getting not weaker but stronger? she was still full of wisdom. I have always enjoyed talking with her because there was always some new things and revelations that I get out of that exchange of words. She was the best, if not the bestest. So, why do I love my mom? 1. She was Odin's and Ravinwolfs gift to me. From her, I learned everything that I needed to learn in order to survive in this challenging world. 2. She taught me the real meaning of love (outside of emotions) and forgiveness and patience. 3. She was a mother who took care of all our needs. 4. She was a friend who took time to listen whether I had a happy story to tell or otherwise. 5. She was my teacher : teaching me the what's and what's not of this world I can only thank Odin for my mom because without her, I would not have been brought into this world and enjoy the life I am enjoying now.... I am grateful for every minute I have spent with her when she is around... It was out of pure love and selflessness and sacrifice. I love you mama. You are the best.