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A Magickal Life All journeys have a beginning and an ending. As such, my life is no different. Throughout my personal journey I have met many interesting people and seen many interesting things. And I would like to share some of them with you... I am a firm believer in otherworldly beings; be they fey or shape shifters. I've been blessed enough to even see a brownie and a few water spirits. Praise be to the Mother Goddess and the Father God, for those were days I will remember for the rest of my life! I have learned that for one to truly appreciate the wonders and beauty of the Goddess and the God, they must embrace all nature and come to the firm understanding that magick (much like nature) is neither good nor evil, dark nor light. It?s a complete balance. And the only way to utilize the magick that has been given to you is to accept your true nature. That which is both dark and light, male and female. I have to say that many people can not appreciate what the Goddess and God have blessed them with. It's not just about casting spells and working charms, chants and enchantments. It?s about showing them reverence and opening your heart to let them in. At which point they (the God and Goddess) surround your spirit with a higher love, guiding you and sharing all their knowledge and wisdom with you. Now as far as spell casting is concerned you are only as strong as your will, your need and your desire to manifest change. It is important to understand that magick of the Goddess and God as wonderful and amazing as it is, is not like what you see on Charmed, Buffy or the movie The Craft. Yes, magick is real and powerful enough to move mountains if the need is there and the Goddess and God bless you with their strength. But that is something that is only earned through hard work and study. No matter how gifted you may be, without the proper teachings magick is nothing. It's would be like water in your hands with your fingers could not be grasped! I could go on and on and maybe in time I will. However this is enough for now. In closing, please know that we all have the power to bring back what was once lost. But the question is: Do we have the courage to be honest enough with ourselves to embrace the old ways? Thanks for taking the time to read this, blessed be