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Eros's Profile

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Name: Eros
Birthday: Mar 19 1986
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 15 Jun 2012
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I'm an open minded guy who believes that LOVE is the ultimate power. By learning to love one another we can truly set aside all differences and come to an understanding of equality and compassion. I am a being that came from a special power and a special family. I hope to one day share the unique qualities that my family and I have passed down through the ages to those in need. As far as my magick. I have been a practicing pagan for about 7 years. However, thats only when i began to realize what was happening. My magick has always been with me since i was a child. its very simple magick as well. Spells are something i only work in a great while for most of my magick is done with the simple will of it being to my desires. i use energy and color to create what it is that i want. I'm gay and taken and he's totally amazing! anyone who wishes to send me a message, do so. you will find me most welcoming to questions or just a simple hello. With the power of LOVE, Blessings to all. ~Eros~ Important details about me: ~I love the sunshine and hate snow with a passion unknown to human kind. ~I hate closed minded people. ~I hate know it alls! there is always someone better than you, get use to it~ ~Greedy people are my enemies. ~I think rules are ment to be broken. if we obey rules we give up our natural abilities to see things for what they are. rules are contole and it drains energy from the person being controled. that just doesnt seem right to me. ~everything is energy and everything is connected. ~anything and everthing is possible and all it takes is the brain power and energy to make it work. ~people that are mean to others are just so miserable about their own lives that they feel the need to bring others down to their level. ~a fool speaks much but a wise man keeps silent until the moments right. ~all people are equal and none is held above the other. ~I hate people that hate twilight finatics. really, the movies suck, i'll give you that....but dont talk smack unless you've read the books. ~Vampires are cool, but when i was into them, it wasnt a pop culture thing to like. ~my life motto is "Love and let Love" meaning love others and let others love you. its beautiful. ~mortals are lost due to their fixation on the psyical. ~this is an exciting age to live in. so much is going to happen and the mortals will soon see things for what they really are. we live in a special time. a transition from one stage to the next leap in the growth of spirtuality. ~my favorite color is red ~my favorite food is italian ~i think coffe is the greatest gift of the gods ~i grew up a christian, lol and look at me now ~i have a wicked temper but i keep my emotions in check due my gift, i have to ~i love, love, love lagy gaga ~i have a tendency to be very vain ~the wind makes me want to scream.... what? it screws up my hair! ~im very smart but my head is usually too far in the clouds for me to appear that way ~im am a total pisces in and out with a mix of ares when im pissed ~i love life and urge you to do the same. problems come and go, but love is everlasting. and if it doesnt last, then it wasnt really love, now was it? ~i do believe in jesus christ. i think he had a lot of wisdom to teach and people still didnt get it. he taught love, compassion, and forgiveness and i think if we treated one another with love, compassion, and forgiveness the world wouldnt be a crule place to live in. call upon the evening stars, they're watching, listening from afar. whisper to them your desires, and see your hopes spread like a wild fire. "Lets have some fun this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick."