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I reached my mail limit. Working on a solution. Will respond when i can. My personel motto is: ''if you want to change the world, be prepared for lonliness.'' My name is Max. You all can call me Zero though. I am 25 years old. I have been practicing magic for 10 years. I do all kinds of magic, black and white. I am also very adept at Reikei chi maipulation and Blood Magick. If anyone needs any help with anything just pm me and i will be glad to help you out. Some of my favorite lyrics: ''There are things in this world i do not understand, Like love, war, gravity, and the lay of the land. But all of these, remain mysteries But one thing is for sure You are worth living for'' The Spill Canvas-''One thing is for Sure'' ''Oh i must Be sick Look at what i did... To your heart'' Lower Definition-''His Silent Film'' ''I know how you are with these things, And you're not gonna stop i know how you are Yea you're an artist When you're tearing things apart'' Lower Definition-''The Weatherman'' ''This isn't suicide It's a prison break And I might just make out fine This isn't finding god it's just running away'' The Urgency-''Fingertips'' ''it's true romance is dead I shot it in the chest and in the head'' Fall Out Boy-''Music or the Misery'' ''When i wake up in your room Your face is the first thing i see the first time i've seen love and the last I'll ever need'' Pierce the Veil-''Kissing in Cars'' ''The night sings alone And if there's a god then I'm letting him go All for you'' Pierce the Veil-''Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides''