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Name: guitarist
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erm what can a say ive got a intrest in the occult, bad spelling, love music, play guitar pretty well, my gyrokinesis sucks oh on im a winter person.
I DONT approve of the use of magic for love, wealth or any thing wich changes free will oh and not so keen on revenge.
Would be very much happy if someon(s) would help with my mystical education. im very intrested in time, telicknessis, spiritual spells and balancing myself with nature.
I like the idea of being in tune with nature and though that journy is how you find who you realy are.
oh and im open to the belif of most things though not that little green-men come to earth I have a feeling that any with the tech to do so have got much better things to do.
my eyes are blue-grey and also green they change I dont know how nor try to find out and there is and always has been a yellow ring around my pupils.
It seems to me that magic doesn't have a great deal to with the right words, more the right words for you and the confidence in your power you can do a simple bannishing spell by just forceing the demon from your home away from you with just force of will, if you put power into it any spell could work you'll know the right thing to say and do when you need it.