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Name: InaliWillow1
Birthday: Apr 26 1987
Location: NC Mountains
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 20 Jan 2010

Membership: Contributor

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I follow the path of totems and elements, the Goddess and God will protect me.

My Totem is Fox his name is Kitsu, he is my lifelong totem

my partner is horse and his name is Zhivago,

my mentor is cat and he is called Maliki

my brother is crane and he is called Ikit

I would like to learn to put up better mental blocks to help with the empathy. Also to heal I hate to feel or see someone in pain whether mental or physical.

About me.... Well I am a single mom working my way through college toward a Degree in criminal Investigation and a minor in Criminal Psychology!

This is new to me, (mostions with hands to the website around her) all of it for 8 months now and I still feel like I haven't learned everything that I want or need to learn. I will admit to being sarcastic once I get to talking, doesn't mean I don't like or respect someone it's a kind of defense mechanism. I am also a empath and it sucks, or at least to me it does, I don't like nor want to know that someone is smiling at there spouse but on the inside they don't feel love toward that person, but they might feel love toward the preacher standing behind them and worse the preacher seems to feel something toward that married woman. That sucks!

And since I am being up front I will admit to walking the thin line between black and white. There are moments in my career when I would love to throw all rules out the window and just push(elementally) for a person to tell the truth or admit to a crime. Being human means that common sense isn't always of the essence!

So this is me, thanks for listening and I hope to learn everything I can in the short but neat lifetime! I also have no fear of the IGNORE button I use it freely and pretty often and refuse to take and listen tp bullcrap from anyone. I don't trust often and once I come to the conclusion I don't trust you that is there to stay it doesn't reverse. Except Kit there is nothing he could do that would make me not trust him or Zhivago.

As a rule to me I DO NOT take well to being called a liar. OR if your in charge of a group understand that those under you are in a sense in your power DO NOT abuse it!

I don't find anything more cruel or disgusting then the abuse of power, or another persons ignorance. To make a place florish whether it is a website, club, coven etc you need to have a respect for those who are attending especially newbies, though some are going to be worthless and not really there to be real. The ones who are can be scared off suprisingly easy.

"Oh the wonders you will see

upon a path paved in diamonds,

that is lined with gold, sprinkled with silver,

but filled with holes"



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