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Name: Kknights
Last Seen: Mon, 11 Jan 2010
Membership: Member

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I am in my 30's and I have been practicing magick for just about the entire time. I was raised in what is known as a pagan family so it has certainly been more interesting. At age 15 I was initiated into Wicca and declared this path as the one I wished to walk. My studies have been a great deal on my own, however i have also worked with casual circles and two formal covens. I took a Leave Of Absence from the first coven when I moved out of state and I may not be active with that coven on the physical level, however I still work with them when I can on the astral plane and speak with my brothers and sisters often. When I was asked to join a local coven I spoke my coven and was given their permission and blessings for joining the new one. Over the years I have returned home a few times and enjoyed being active in rites with my home coven but that does not happen nearly enough. About a year or so ago I spoke with my Astral Dragon who has encouraged me prepare to start a coven of my own. Do not get me wrong I love my brothers and sisters and am still on very good terms with them, however my path is going a bit different then my coven-mates. This happens from time to time especially when there is a generation gap between some of the members. The Coven I am working on forming is dedicated to Draconic Wicca a wonderful path with Wicca as its core and Dragon Magick being added into the studies. I am also working with other witches, and wiccans on paths close to my own with the hopes of creating a shared book of shadows that would bind us together and create a larger organization. As it pertains to wicca I will say I have never been initiated into a Gardnerian coven, nor plan to do so. My path started with a Seax Wicca, however now a days I simply claim wicca without being part of the Seaxian Sect of Wicca. I will however take from my roots of Seaxian Wicca as it pertains to the organization and running of a coven. Now a days I am working on rereading and studying my books and organizing my book of shadows to get myself ready for forming the new coven. When not practicing Draconic Wicca I enjoy working out, going to Taekwando classes and training hard for competitions and remaining prepared for self defense situation. I am also lucky enough to say that I have a wonderful wife who I meet 6ish years ago. We moved in together the first day we meet and rarely spend any time apart. I am also lucky enough to say that Phoenixx my wife also practices Draconic Wicca and is beside me at the gym, in class and corners for me at competitions. (I think at times she screams bad advice just to see me catch painful shots but I could be mistaken.) She is a skilled martial artist and can certainly fend for herself in a street confrontation but she is not big on the competitive circuit. I think this makes our marriage stronger since we share so many things in common.