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My name is Megan. I am 18 years old. Ever since i was three, i've had spirits both communicating with me, and using my body as a host. i did not know that i had any strengths or powers, until i was 8 years old. i did not knowingly do it, but i managed to force the spitrits out of my body, effectively locking them, and all others, out. It wasn't until i was 15 that i had relaxed my mind and soul enough to open my body again. there are now three spirits residing within me. i can sometimes speak with them. they are three of the same spirits that occupied my body when i was a child. it is difficult for me to communicate with spirits, but i am rather adept at seeing them. the spirits within me help to protect me and one of my friends, occasionally even leaving my body in order to keep him safe. when i have asked them why they keep us safe, i have never gotten a straight answer. i do not want to get rid of them, because they are as much a part of me now as my arms and legs. but i would like to learn how to better control them. i believe my element is cold. i am always a few degrees cooler than normal, even in the hottest weather. i have little control over my element at this time, but want to find someone to help me hone my abilities and skills. there have been "incidents" where my strenght has come out in full force. for example,once, i was unknowingly been "radiating" cold energy, and hugged someone. he was extremely cold for the next hour, shivering and rubbing his arms. it was 98 degrees outside. i want to get a better feel for my abilities so that i don't do that anymore. recently, after spending time with the friend mentioned earlier, that the spirits within me protect, i have begun to have wierd symptoms. his element is heat/fire. he has often gathered heat and brought it into one area in physical form. basically, making an "orb" of heat between his hands. lately, my body has been heating up, my temperature going, not only to 98.6, but beyond, to 100 degrees. then it is as if my cold element fights it off, and my temperature returns to it's normal, 97.5 degrees. it continues to repeat. my friend and i believe that i might be gaining the ability to manipulate heat, but my natural element is fighting it. we're not sure. any help or opinions on this would be greatly appreciated. i joined this site at the request of forementioned friend, and i'm not too sure what exactly to do. so i just put what came on the top of my head.