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i am a 15 year old male named jonathan Smith. i been practicing magic for one and three Quarter years now. i favor dark magic. i have summoned a ghost once or twice and have managed to change my eye color (temporarily). i have made five spells so far which are fully working ones.My mother can do tarot cards and she teaches me quite alot about them. I have been through an Astral Projection once and also i have been able to get out of a class using a invisibility spell. i wish to join magical knights because it is a coven within my reach of magic and i think i will learn a great amount. i agree not to tell any other coven our spells and to attend to every meeting. i also agree to respect our priestess at all times. i hope to give other members fully functional spells and advice on how to do them. i will not leave the coven without telling the high priestess and only on a crucial reason. i will also help those who need help.