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Name: blackcat68
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I have studied and researched things of this nature (spell, tarot, palmistry, witchcraft, etc) for years. I have always been drawn to this world, but in my childhood and early adult life I was made to feel it was evil by my loved ones. I have great respect for magic & do not believe it is something to be entered into lightly. In studying types of magic I take what feels right for me and leave the rest. I feel what others around me are feeling, having an over imbalance in my astrological birth chart, with too many plants in cancer. I am very intuitive and see people for who they really are, Not the mask they put on. Sometimes it's overwhelming. I do reading for people who are ready to hear the truth. Good or bad. I tell only what i feel, to sugar coat it would be pointless. When one is not ready to hear the truth it can get uncomfortable. You know the old saying "don't shoot the messanger." I won't read anyone that I feel might be a shooter. I know i'm a witch, but I don't know what kind of witch. There are so many titles and labels. I believe everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher. People come and go from our lives for a reason. Everyone has something to give, and everyone has more to learn. I try and keep an open mind to rational thoughts. I don't believe in sprouting wings and flying off to never never land for lunch. But I also believe that just because I don't believe it could happen, doesn't make someone else wrong for believing it. maybe crazy, but not wrong. I had cancer twice, in the last few yrs. Went throught chimo and radiation and beat it. Somehow that's become part of who I am. I'm 41 yrs old. and know who i am. Good and bad. to thy own self be true. But i'm still not sure what i am. Peace Blackcat