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Name: Pheonixforce
Location: Cast out of heaven for my sins.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 23 Jan 2010
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I'm 18. And if you want me to tell you more, ask.
I live by very moral rules. 1: Respect your majick. 2: Never use majick to bring harm. 3: Nothing is true and everything is permitted.
Things about myself.
Single or taken: Taken forever
Hair color: Red
Eye color: blue
Favorite animal: The Phoenix
Music: Rap
Favorite color: Black
My name: Axel
Go hard or go home
Back to your residence
Soon the red doors get a
block back to the
I used to run my old block like
Obama and them
You don't gotta believe, go ask
my momma and them
Couldn't even come in my
Smell like a kilo
Look like me and two of my
boys playin' casino
Cali's all I keep in my bag in
Tell them to give me back my swag
They try to clone me
You see my Louis
chucks, Louis flags, Louis
frames, Louis belt
What that make me
Louis mane
I'm in the all white party
wearin' all black
With my new black watch
called the heart attack
Cardiac arrest, cardiac wrist
Yeah, they say they're hard
They ain't hard as this
One word that describes me
And if I wasn't doin' this
You know where I be, too hard.