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Name: BloodHorn
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Location: in a dark room
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my name is not important, or how I look. I'm here because this is the only place that does not beg rod or can not be anybody anything, I have seen those who are members here and I can say that you are most experts on all of you beginner or o magic. would you be my friend or my enemy, you decide you just are not like everyone else. magic is my life and I hope all the members here feel the same ...
I am a black magician. I exercise a lot and stay away from churches for a special reason .... do not ask.
If you want a good wand, go and buy them at
They sell potter stuff to but the wands, staffs and brooms they are making are real.
They have also leather holders for wands, stands, clean sets and much more useful stuff.
Ask if you wanna find real magic books (the price of the books is a great number). You can ask about every magical thing you want, i find it. Books, crystal wands, amulets, rings, cloth, statues, staffs, crystal balls and much more.
I also can tell you of importent history events etc. like Artorus portal, the scrolls of Gyprianus, the death of Gilgrim, the death of Sylvanus, were to find Jepes, were the true master of combat is, etc.
My knowledge of magic is almost 12 years old so i now what iam talking about.