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Name: perry
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Gender: Male
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my name is manuel
im 18
i have been doing spells for 5 years
i would like to join because i would like to gain more knowledge to help anyone in need.
i can attribute to this coven psi energy, pyschi-vampirism, and fire magic.
im pretty much a laid back,chilled out kinda guy who listens to music and does spells.
my faves:
food:pizza,italian,asian takeout
music: ozzy ozbourne, metalica, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, rob zombie,pink floyd,nickelback,tool,deftone, and aerosmith.
motorcyles: any that are fast enough
colors: red, black, and purple
magick:dark magick and elemental magick
animals: fer de lance,eagle,black or red wolf,shark,and red fox
elements: Fire and Earth