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Name: themoonphace
Location: in the living hell of a normal life
Gender: Female
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welcome ,am themoonphace ,am 12 years old ,if u would like be friends then be free to ask me anything u like
am also a satanist and a vampire .also a realy BIG michael jackson fan ,am a student of satanpriest .please respect him ,hes my teacher
my moto is 'its every animal for himself'
am also a great artist for a 12 year old ,and i can prove it ,if u wanna see my album ask me for permission :)
dont mess with mt best friends here ,firecat and heartangel

and plzzzzzzzzzzzz be a mebmer of mine :)0
nor never mess with my sister evil_girl or keerti
spells of magic is my home ,this is where i belong :)