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Name: KastellaLuna
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 23 Jun 2024
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Greetings fellow Witches.
My name is Kastella Lunabelle.
I'm a Catholic Vampire , and Priestess.
I'm based in Grand Rapids, but was raised in Dorr, and Caledonia. West Michigan is definitely my stomping grounds >:3
I study healing arts, practically all Occult Magic and the history of Alchemy, Spagyrics , and practice shamanism as the basis for pretty much everything spiritual.
My Daily Bread:
Dear Lord, Lay down my sword.
Bless my kin for all eternity; in this life, and the next.
So I mote it be. Bless ALL souls for eternity. ~ Kastella Lunabelle