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Good starting things to learn: Replacement Technique, Shadow Satisfaction, and Fire Breathing. Then after that point it's best to make scrolls, because you can only remember three, unless you have skill or put work into a craft. To do a spell you must say a certain verse, move your hands a certain way, and breath a certain way. To do magic means to make change vertically. So an example of a spell would be drawing circles with your palms over ears, while saying "saw", and breathing by breathing in 3 seconds, holding breath 6 seconds, and breathing out for 3 seconds. This heightens your sense of hearing for a moment, which is ~60 seconds. To make it more magical you could say "sear soar", which increases the force of the spell, and makes it more uplifting. This spell is a good starting point to increasing your memory as well. With practice you could make a permanent change to the amount of things you can remember. This is also a good spell to learn self improvement. A way to master this spell of magic is to use a Fog Substance Technique afterwards. After you do "Enhanced Hearing" and "Fog Substance Technique" you will not have a problem learning techniques and eventually building up to spells on your own, and it will be easy to translate other peoples work into something you can work with. If you have a hard time learning the "Fog Substance Technique", here is how to do it. Raise left hand, say "end" as you touch the tips of one hand to another, face your left palm upwards, say "is", touch the tips of both hands together again while saying "near". This generates 6x6x6 ft of fog 20 meters in front of you and 60 meters to the left of you. If you take these steps, you can find out a way to do: Replacement Technique, Shadow Satisfaction, and Fire Breathing; on your own, then progress from there. About me: I want to be a deep thinker, I strive for sucess, I am in constant want of self improvement. I enjoy shield and pooling energy. Everything has a beginning. If you want to do well in life, you have to take it step by step. Stay sharp. Get motivated. Stay focused. Do your best. Stay true to a good goal. Remember your purpose.