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Name: omgRAWR
Location: Nevada
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Hi! I'm Stefanie.
About Me::::
name: Stefanie
Age: 16 (just turned!)
Eye Color: Brown
Current Hair Color: bleach blond and black
Stuff that you dont care about::: Ive been playing violin for 3 years, piano for 2, viola for 1 year, cello for 3 months ((i help my bf:D))).
Practicing magick for about 2 years.
Sepcialize in: White and black magick, mainly with candles. Also scrying with mirrors. I use my scrying mirror a bit too much and sometimes see stuff that i wish i didn't. I find knowing the future scary, but i just cant help myself... I Can usually guess something before it happens.
I also use spirit boards (not ouija, but i cant remember the name right now)
I also just recently started Tarot Cards and I really enjoy it..
William 5-27-10
Wanna know more? Wanna talk? Message me, I don't bite too hard