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Name: sasseepantz5
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Hi, names Emily. I have always been in tune with my spiritual side and, as some would call it, "gifted". More recently, while putting together my family tree after finding my bio dad last year, on his side of the tree I found that one of my ancestors, Sarah Pease, stood trial for witchcraft during the salem witch trials, as well as someone on my mothers side. As far as my "gift" goes, I don't know that I will ever really know what it is, as it goes beyond the scope of empathy and beyond the scope of clairvoyance as well. It seems to be a little bit of everything and I have no clue how to control it or even what to call it, so I refer to it as a "sensitivity" or "sixth sense". My closest friends have seen these happenings first hand. One person imparticular says that I attract spirits and another says that when she is at my house she can hear me talking as if I am right next to her, even though I will be on the other end of the apartment. I recently started teaching myself about different forms of divination. So far, I am most comfortable with tarot, but recently started using a pendulum and viking runes. This journey is definitely an interesting one, but in a good way. I have learned a lot about myself and my "sensitivity" and a lot of things that have happened to me in the past that never made sense are starting to come together and make sense now. Thanks for having me. Blessed be.