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Name: Archane666
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I practice Dark Magic and Vampirism as well as Soul Draining & Blood Drinking. As for experience, I have been practicing the Dark Arts for many decades. You may visit my website to hire my services. I accept Bitcoin as payment or you may use your credit card. Your credit card information is encrypted which I can not see by All I see of use is your name and email address. No, I won't spam you. Your email is only for contact and to inform you about the spell that you desired to have cast. You may have me do anything except make you an overnight millionaire which no one can do. Those that claim they can grant you instant mass wealth are liars out to scam you.If you have those that wronged you and you desire to have them destroyed. Consider it done. When I cast acts of destruction, the target is repeatedly hit until the target is destroyed. This is not instant and takes time. Basically, if you desire it, I can manifest it for you within reason as long as it is not fantasy. I do not do or deal in fantasy.