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Name: Mrs.Nave
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I am a devoted Christian Witch who has been practicing, learning, and growing for 13 or more years now. I have gotten to a point in life that I realized my purpose to be on this earth is to help, heal, and guide people while also still sharing the word and love of our God (I don't mean to offend, I am just stating my personal beliefs). I have also started up a store called "Nave's Mystic Wonders". I do not have a website up yet, but it will happen, just give us time lol. I have had other accounts before, but I currently only own this one now, so if you have spoken to me before please forgive me if I don't remember for as I do struggle with memory loss. I am here to not only continuing my studies and practices, but I hope to help, heal, and guide people with the gifts I have. So with that being said if you or anyone else you know needs help with anything then please don't hesitate to DM me. Please also put a title for the message because I will not answer anything inappropriate or anything with no title. Just an FYI, you can get a FREE Tarot Card Reading session with your first purchase of Nave's Mystic Wonder products. Currently I am studying and trying to practice meditation since I have some trauma that is preventing me from getting far, and I plan on diving into Reiki and cleansing the chakra's after finishing up the meditation.