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Name: Agbezua
Location: Hohoe, Volta Region-Ghana
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My name is francis k.a.w. agbenyegah. i am 46 years old and married with kids. my educational qualifications are bachelor of psychology and foundations of education (mathematics), diploma in basic education, and diploma in theology. i am also a licensed caterpillar operator (payloaders). i grew initially in a traditional local deities worship community where libation is poured to the deities which i currently practice. I became a christian at age 17. unfortunately, the kind of christianity given me would not permit me to see any other religion and spiritual path as good. we were warned not to read any other religious or spiritual materials as they would lead us astray and into destruction. however, I grew up hungry for the reasons behind such fearsome restrictions and warnings. finally i was set free when i read a material on the net titled the council of nicea and the missing records. as a liberated man i began reading occultic or magical materials in 2018.
i then embraced all other spiritual paths in 2019.
my goal now is to become a god in the fields of;
*technology and innovation
i will love to swim in the waters of both black and white magic for the christian bible says that light came out of darkness meaning darkness is the main source of light.
i therefore desire to establish a strong occult order and a mystery school that teach both the left and right hand paths knowledge.