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Name: MaranAta
Birthday: 1984
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Greetings! Im old friend of this site, and I have been practitioner of craft for two decades, until I turned toward ancient Christianity and its mystical practices trough hesyschasm, thanks to dear old man that I met here. Im a researcher and a scholar, psychologist by profession
Speaking fluently: English, Hungarian, Serbian and other balkan languages, Russian
Very well versed in: Latin, Ancient Hebrew, Church Salvonic, little bit Ancient Greek, little bit Albanian
"Knights of the Silent Light"
I am representative and chaptermaster of group called ''Knights of the Silent Light''
it is a brotherhood and sisterhood of orthodox Christian mystics, an order of knights, practicing only Higher Arcana, something much different than lower magics, no fluff, offering you to tap into the well of eternal power, and achieve incredible heights.
We exist as real life group, and will invite those who we deem worthy to join us. If you are interested about joining yourself, make an account here and mail me about it!
Our order is divided in three chapters
I "Chapter Clandestine" (mysticism,asceticism,spiritual growth...)
II "Chapter Forces Unknown" (science,high tech,alchemy,technokinesis...)
III "Chapter Crusaders" (active practicioners of our society...)
My goal here is to grow our community and help people.
My personal fields of expertise:
* Protection (even against strongest curses and armies of hell)*
* Gathering of Heavenly Power and uncreated eternal energies*
* Cleansing , Banishing, Exorcism*
* Solving of any problem, be it physical, psychical or spiritual*
* Healing *
* Offensive techniques against spiritual beings *
I can teach you how to help yourself and others, a bit about herbalism, alchemy, psionics and spiritual combat.