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Name: SnowPhoenix
Location: Depression, panic attacks and anxiety r not signs of being weak. They r signs that a person has been too strong for too long
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Hi! For a long time I didn?t know which path to take bc I was lost and hurt by many. I?m broken from the start. I cry often, begging into the empty air for someone to make it all end but now ik which path to take. It?s my time to finally awaken and start the road to healing myself and others around me.
I?m very spiritual and am connected to the five elements; earth, fire, water, air and spirit. Spirit is the most important element bc without it, we wouldn?t have a universe and there wouldn?t be any life. In relation to being spiritual, I?m into the supernatural/paranormal and believe in most things.
I won?t surrender until it?s over.
When the apocalypse comes, everyone will die and the ones who survive will seize this new world