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Name: Chakat
Location: michigan
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Hello my name is Chakat, priest of Dark Moons Light Coven. I am a outgoing person but knows were to draw the line, I have so few friends around me I tend to make more friends on the internet than real life as I don?t know how to interact in real life much. I have been a book worm my whole life, I?ve been a loner in ?witch craft? as some would say in the Christian religion or ?devils play, soul stealer, and or devil worshiper?. I don?t believe in hell or heaven, just a greater power.
I am what others would call a Neutral witch in most cases. I practice the art of positive craft more often than negative craft as I would hope others will remember the wiccan reed saying? ?do what thou will and harm none? and ?by the power times three times three as it will come back to ye?. I love the outdoors, animals, and stargazing alongside book reading. I?m single and never dated once in my lifetime, somewhat proud of it but there are times when I just wish there was someone by my side to lean upon I have a heart of gold with no one to share it with, but i do not want to be broken by it either. I suppose you have to take a leap of faith and hope for the best.
Other times I just want to be alone and do my witchey stuff? LOL
I see things in disputes evenly, just like chess when you are playing alone, you have separate mind sets to evaluate different things and find out the truth. I?m very intellectual and hope there won?t be any problems here in the coven, sure you may debate but don?t take it to the point were you threaten or use swearwords.
I?ve been through the hardest times and I wish it upon no one in this coven. Well that is pretty much it about me and the coven. Enjoy