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Name: Mariner
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"My mother told me someday I will buy,

A galley with good oars. Sail to distant shores."

Hello and welcome to my page, I am Mariner and tis a pleasure to have you visiting my little section of S.o.M. So please enjoy your time here and learn a little.

:My Practice:

Well I do suppose you noticed my name and let alone the lyrics of a shanty so it would be safe to assume that I am some manner of sea witch, to which you'd be right in that assumption. I am indeed a sea-witch, calling upon the aid of spirit both of the surf and the shore. Whistling up winds and singing shanties to appease and amuse not only myself but also the gods and spirits of the sea.

:Deity Work:

So, I do not worship any god for I will never kneel or ask/beg for anything. Though I do respect and honor some as great teachers and allies in my work. One of which I hold a soft spot and deep respect is Njord of the Vanir. Though to those unknown to him, Njord is the Norse-God of Seafaring. He is the protect of man upon the seas and from the furry of the sea. I also work with many coastal spirits when I can and have a small shrine to the sea myself in my home.

(Still working on my profile so excuse the lack of information. If you're curious on anything about me please mail me; however, keep it respectful and do not ask me to do spellwork for free. Everything comes at a price and I ask a fair one for my services.)