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Name: Dracien
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I use they/them, she/her, ae/aer, and ey/em pronouns. I like dragons and anything creative. I'm a writer. I'm mildly obsessed with tea.

I have three years of experience, although I wouldn't call the earlier times as through, as I was only 11. I took a break for a while, I'm almost 17 now, and I've been back at it for the past year and a half.

I focus on divination in my practice, and I use candles, sigils, crystals, and herbs often as well. I'm teaching myself to lucid dream with the hopes of it becoming spiritual, and I'm also interested in spirit work and astral travel.

I'm Pagan. My practice leans to being more eclectic, but I also like to use reconstructionist influences and don't feel the need to label myself either way. I currently worship Freyja, Athena, and Eir, and hope to start to do deity work when I become more advanced.