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Name: Avelo
Birthday: Oct 15 1996
Location: WV, USA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 26 Jan 2022
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Eclectic Pagan, Theistic Satanist, Demonolatress, Non-Denominational Witch. Still trying to ascertain who my Matron or Patron Daemon is.

Fluent in English and Esperanto.

Looking to expand my knowledge and re-establish my personal practice on a consistent basis and not fall into old habits of only reading versus also actually doing.

Libra Sun. Sagittarius Moon. Pisces Ascendant.


Subjects I find interesting: Chaos Magick, Nocturnal Magick/Witchcraft, Runes, Tarot, Astrology, (various forms of) Meditation, Chakras, Daemons, Lucid Dreaming, Dream Recall & Interpretation, Astral Projection et alia.