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Name: Jamielou87
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We are Jamie Lou and Dustin (DD) and are so happy to be here!!!!
Newly and very interested in the Wiccan beliefs. We were raised Roman Catholic. Always been a little on the fence of certain things. True belief in God and Jesus but open to the fact other things were happening and not always bad! I claim to have gifts. One being an empath and the other not quite sure how to word it. Just a knowing of things and self. Inner things. Very much aware. Recently discovered on my ancestry path that I come from England, Wales, Ireland, Germany Spain France Canada and Scotland. Also having a lineage to the Anglo-Saxon the Celts. King Roderic of the Visigoths. My people came directly from the Era when surnames started happening. I known (just know) that they were probably Pagans. Now linking that to my ancestry profile which I did the DNA to all of the research I have done lines up! And it all just makes things from years and years ago finally add up and make sense! Now that I have been more aware of the wiccan ways and researching it while having the intentions in mind of my purposes, I have noticed MAJOR changes in my and my fiance lives. Like instant! All so so good and positive! I am so much more intrigued and want to soak up as much as I can to help shape a more happy and positive lifestyle and life for myself the love of my life and our kids. I know that this is part of my path, my journey and I have to follow it.