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Name: CallenThorn
Birthday: Sep 5 1996
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Gender- Genderqueer
Pronouns- They/Them
Name- Callen Thorn
I have been practicing witchcraft from a very young age I currently help run an eclectic coven where I live with past students of mine and coworkers. I work for a metaphysical shop where everyone is like family to me. I am currently learning Shamanism from my mentor and will hopefully be certified in soul retrieval soon.
Reiki Master
Faerie Reiki Master
Learning Holy Fire Reiki/Karuna Reiki
Tarot Reader
Oracle Reader
Faerie Card Reader
Blood Magick
Faerie Magick
Ancestral Magick
Studying Druidry in OBOD
Dragon Magick
Curse/Hex/Jinx and Removal
Shamanism (I am a Shamanist not a shaman)
Earth Magick
Storm Magick

Entities I work with- Hel, Bastet, Cerridwen, Persephone, Nyx, Light, Brigid, Valak, Seere, Faeries, Lady Elphame,