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Name: Roulhac
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Hey, Im Roulhac! I am like most of you a witch. When I was little I would always dream of being a witch, but everyone told me that, that stuff only exsisted in books and on TV. But when I was in the 6th or 7th grade I bought a NEW AGE book from the book store explaining witchcraft and how it worked. I was so amazed that what I'd always wanted, was real. The book showed me how to do some spells and other things
(calling corners, stuff like that). Now Im a learning witch who trys to help out the best he can. I am new to this website so please welcome me with open arms. I am currently in the coven: Practical Magic, which I think will help me out on what I'd like to learn. I look forward to meeting new witches and wiccans, or any other creature in the magical community and learning all you know!! I really want to learn all the amazing magic some of you can do but Im only a begginer and its going to take alot of practice but hopefully I can do it soon.. I am focused on casting sheilds right now, but soon I want to learn empathy, and spirit communication, the first time I communicated with a ghost was when I was about 5. Gracie was her for real, she wnated me to let her out of the closet...anyways..i cannot help you with somethings..but if u do need help..msg me and ill see wat i can do..