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Name: VaRegan
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I have explored many paths in my lifetime, beginning my magical journey in a rather unorthodox position of calling on ancient and dangerous spirits in a time of need Born from intergenerational tragedy and hardship as an empath I am able to sense and manipulate energy from memorable and significant events within one's existence. Connection to multiple timeline energies. Connection to the aching land and all that exists has existed and ever will exist. Experience with secular spirituality and appreciation of my land I am Metis, Born the year 1996 Leo Anticapitalist - Working Marxist Autumn Energy Cosmic Witch ECLECTIC WITCH Elemental Magic Indigenous Spirituality / Red river Ojibwa Speak with guiding spirits and ancestors - Readings and dream interpretations are available for trades, exchange and commission bartering for a small fee Idle chat and roleplay are accepted (and encouraged!) but please no sexual anything. I will NOT respond to it and will block you instead.