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Name: redTulip
Birthday: Sep 17 2002
Location: Germany
Gender: Female
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On my own spiritual Odyssee since 2 years. Pretty new to witchcraft, 18 years old.
Looking for other babywitches and experienced people with profound knowledge to connect with.
Dear spiritual teachers,I promise to be a good student :)
I?m in the broom closet and surrounded by very realistic and skeptical people, so that is me trying to get to know like-minded people.
I would love to get into contact with you.
Who I (think I) am:
- Empath, INFJ
- clumsy tinkerer
- open-minded soul
- passionate cook
- hopeless Addict of fantasy sleeping scenarios
- imaginative writer of short stories and poems
I am exploring every road possible in modern Witchcraft, Wicca and Paganism.
Im not quite sure yet what suits me the best, so I just call myself a spiritual being.
But practice wise, you could call me a witch.
Or just Tulip, that?ll do ;)
Likes: Kitchen-Witchery, Elemental Magic, Crystals, Divination, sound of singing bowls, Fairies, long walks through the woods, reading at hidden place in the forest, fantasy novels, classic literature
Motto: Constantly growing, making mistakes, but always trying to do what is right.
Favorite part of my rituals: Opening my window at night and watching the moon climb over the roof of my house, then throwing some flower petals into the dark while reciting poems to the moon and stars.
Just here to spread love and peace, so please be kind.
May you be blessed,
redTulip :)