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I have been working with Goddess Hecate for the past 14 active years

Active witch since 09/21/05

I know classical latin , enochian and I also practice necromancy, have learned how to "create spirits" but they're not servators, it's more of a technique I created.

My Spiritual practice includes but is absolutely not limited to the following and is listed below:

Candle Magick-Both Flame Divination and Ritual Candle Remains Candle Readings

Ceremonial Rituals/Workings.

Color Magick

Crystal Magick

Elemental Magick

Herbal witchcraft

Herbalism-Potion Brewing,

Conjure Bags


Kitchen witchcraft

Lunar Magick

Oracle Divination

Pendulum Readings-I have so many different crystal Pendulums that I don't have a favorite.

Sea Witchcraft-I call it Water Witchcraft as I don't limit myself to only one form that water takes.

Sigil Magick-Creation through destruction, I see it as the art of making the intention/desire charged in a symbol on paper and transforming it into reality by the Element of Fire.

Tarot Divination and Oracle, though I really enjoy using Oracle

The Basics (always being re-viewed)


Energy Manipulation

Reiki-4th level.(2013)

Wicca (Gardnerian) - practiced since 2007(though I did a Year-and-a-day thing so I didn't start calling myself Wiccan until 2008), As of June 2014 I am also a 3rd Degree Gardnerian initiate. And I kept practicing Wicca until 2019 , because I felt as though I had learned everything I was meant to from Wicca.

Obviously this is not a full list, just what I can think of off the top of my head.

Please do not ask for beginner spells The reason isn't because I don't want to tell you , but because all spells require that you have mastery over the foundational practices of witchcraft, regardless of if your doing something such as High Magick, where your working with higher beings, or low magick where you are just working with the things you have around you.

Another member has written some very nice posts about some beginner level things you should know, and also how to troubleshoot your spells. If your still having trouble after consulting these posts then please contact me directly. Starting Out: The Basics Expanded: Visualization: Centering + Groundings: How to write a spell: Troubleshooting Spells: