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Name: 1Aquarian
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Hii :)
Instagram : @atlantisadream
Facebook : Ann Yusuf Ridh
| Im a witch |
| i do spells sometimes ( luck spell,attraction spell )|
| my fav thing about magick is crystals |
| currently working on remote viewing, astral projection, lucid dreaming, manifestations and shifting realities |
| Im an artist, Pansexual, She/her , |
| im into gardening and i love pets |
| i'd love to make friends|
|So feel free to DM | | i dont RP |
x x x Why you shouldn't do a breakup spell for someone else:
This is something only a professional should do (im not professional)
When you cast a breakup spell on a couple, & the couple pushes the destructive energy of your spell away,the energy will come back to you. As the creator you wont be able to protect yourself from it.This is when a loneliness program will prevail in your life & you'll find yourself unable to love & be loved. And thats how it transforms into a self curse.
A professional would know how to do this right.( probably you'd have to pay them )
Hope this helps :) x x x