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Call me Akasha or Obsidian ---------------------------------------------------------------------- RIP List; Uncle Spike, Weirdolover/Damon ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 3 of my book. Read if you want. Name of chapter is Coffee. Fin = Seraphina Sam = Samael : Fin and Sam get Arie to wake up. Arie looks bewildered. Fin helps her to a chair while Sam gets all the coffees. Sam comes back with the coffees and quickly hands them out. Fin takes hers and so does Arie. Sam sits down and tries to make small talk. Fin ignores it for a little before hearing her name. Since she was spaced out she asks "What did you say?". Sam repeats Arie's question "Why are you looking into the wiccan religion?". Fin decides to answer truthfully "I am interested in the wiccan religion. Along with my interest I have always felt there is something other in the world.". In response Sam asks "What do you mean by other?". Fin responds by saying "I mean people either believe in nothing or believe in their own god/s and/or goddess/es. I believe there is a heaven and hell. I also believe there are spirits around us that are not human.". Arie looks at Fin with concern.