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Name: Flamius
Location: Deep in my mind.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 23 Nov 2020
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VaganLyran-Feline starseed. Here on this earth as a healer and leader, here by voluntary choice. Golden empath. Asteroid visionary, spiritual whisperer, and healer.

Welcome, please read before messaging me. It may contain what you where hoping to ask, or talk about. If not, feel free to message me.

I'm a current college student, 19 years of age currently. I enjoy reading books, listening to classical music, bonfires, meditating, writing, night time, and cheese burgers. Most people would describe me as "firey" in personality wise. I'm emotional, and cat like. I often miss my "home", and am excited for the time for me to leave my earth body and return. I love the stars, and cool nights. I don't know if id say I was truly introverted or extroverted, however I will say that I only will be bright and cheery with certain groups of people. Others, I will come off as cold or serious. It depends. I usually am welcoming and warm.

the only sweets I enjoy eating are tootsie rolls, Oreos, or ice cream. Otherwise, im not a huge sweets person. I enjoy cheeseburgers, spicy tacos, spicy tuna sushi, fried rice, waffle fries, chicken and veggie Alfredo pasta, lasagna, and pickles. I am a little chubby but I'm not impulsive to where I can't control my food.

My practices and studies:

  • Starseeds, their origins, and mission tracking.
  • Spirits, entities, angels, demons, etc
  • Writing and mapping spells, curses, rituals.
  • Energy work.
  • Grounding work
  • Emotional healing and aura manipulation
  • Astrology, zodiac signs, and moon phases.
  • Asteroid predicting, energy work, effects
  • Prophetic dreams.

Rules for my mail;

  1. No; I cannot provide free readings as thats not how my abilities work. I don't really cast/summon spells.
  2. No politics, or debates in my mail. There is a place for that, and it's not a witchcraft site.
  3. I don't teach, but we can exchange some info depending on the subject.
  4. Just becuase im a starseed/light being does not mean I'm a happy go lucky, or overly positive person. I'm respectful but im not going to be your escape from the world.
  5. Only friend me with the intention of actually talking with me. Don't add me just to have a large list and stop talking to me. That will get you unfriended real quick.