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Name: Willa
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Hi, my name is Willa and I am thankful to return to this site once again and share my thoughts ,and knowledge with others. I am African-American woman, whom is an eclectic witch. Right now I am researching and learning about Hoodoo and would always welcome the pleasure of new friends, and knowledge from priests and priestess's of the craft! I recently learned that since the age of 5 I had the gift of Astral Projection, but havnt yet learned how to master it, and I'm 30! As of now I am searching for another coven and would love the great honor. Anyways feel free to message me ,and I'll be sure to respond. Blessed Be : ) Goals: My goals on this site is to provide more realistic spells, and to help teens who want to learn the basics of magick, who have been shooned away by family, and who discovered late that they have magick abilities.... I want to be a mentor to them. I also want to expand my knowledge of the craft. I want to learn different areas of magick, such ad hoodoo, green magick, kitchen magick, etc. Favorite Witch Movies: 1. The Craft 2. Hocus Pocus 3. The Witches of EastWick 4. The Witches 5. Practical Magick (Best witch family movie) 6. The Coven (Best male witch movie) Best Books 1. "Teen Witch Kit", By Silver RavenWolf 2. "Utterly Wicked: Curses, Hexes and Unsavory Notions " by Dorothy Morrison 3. "Charms,Spells & Formulas" by Ray T. MalBrough 4. "The Good Spell Book: Love Charms,Magical cures, and Other Practical Sorcery" (Gypsy Magick) 5. "Crones Book of Spells" by Gerwina Dunwich Favorite Quote: "With power, comes great responsiblity".