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Name: Psi_subs
Birthday: Jun 29 1999
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Please do not ask for my YouTube channel, phone number, or any of the .onion, chainagenC forums that i go on. I create subliminals and I'm not comfortable with adding any negative people to the community.

Internet detective-Sublimimal maker-college student-social introverted book nerd-the long lost sibling-Psychic-Over thinking philosophical chip.

Looking for friends, giving advice, or whatever.

Subliminals and why I will refuse to teach you, or give you links.

Subliminals are used to change some part of the body, mental health, or life of the user. I'm not talking about visual or self speaking affirmations either. The more professional subliminal makers do hours of studying on the specific subliminal they are creating, they write their subliminals with certain phrases and specific terms. They will either use their own voice to record, a life like text to speech Ai, or just a regular text to speech. They will loop the subliminals, layer multiple times, and sometimes will speed the subliminals up. They could add music or rain sounds depending on the sub. The process itself take quite a bit of time if you don't have expensive equipment to create the subs. I own only a few programs but it will be a while to get more equipment.

Why wont i share? Late 2018-mid 2019 was a night mare for the community I was in. At least four 'evil' subliminal makers where in the community. Often using bad affirmations. It turns out two of those members came from sites such as this. It took 8 months to ban their accounts, ip addresses, create subliminal flushes for those affected, post proof of subliminals to work and regain trust.