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Im Shadow and NJ depending on ho is controling this single body thar are two solls living inside this one body also BE SHOR YOU DONT MEET ME IN PERSON WHEN BOTH OF MY EYES ARE BLACK BEACUSE THATS WHEN IM IN A PISY MOOD IF YOU DO BOTHER ME WHEN IM LIKE THAT YOUL DIE ALSO YOUR SOUL WILL SEST TO IGSIST because of what hapend in the past my parents left me and NJ to die and look at us now im a shadow and hes a demention destoyer but for sum reson he has to wate 10000000000 years to destoy this pithetik dimention crap hes bak- i mean back. Ok sorry obout shadow he always caus truble when im not arond ALSO what he sed is tru also i have two persinalitys me and shadow hes the one that does the spells and stuf like that and im the one who holds the misticle ora to go to difrent demetions and to do the hol portol to alternit worlds and see spirits and that kinda stuf. bah and hop you survive SHAAAADOOOOOOOOWWWWWW WHAT THE HELLK DID I SAY. AND I CANT SPELL also seb to my youtube channle im curently trying to uplode videos and i have no idea what to make the link to my channle is the website link and ined subsricbers and fast. I had a video redy to uplode but it got deleted.