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RyuzakiL's Profile

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Name: RyuzakiL
Birthday: Jun 13 1991
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 06 Nov 2013

Membership: Contributor

Personal Bio
I grew up listening to Greek mythology on tape and from there they slowly started speaking to me. As I grew up I found myself associating more and more with Athena and Hermes. I made sure as I grew up to never loose sight of the fact that the gods/goddesses from all levels and even the Fae were important and to show them all respect. I started studying magick when I turned 12 but I never actually practiced till I was 13 and had a neighbor who picked up on my energies and helped me advance some of my natural abilities and taught me an art that she and been taught by her teacher. She taught me the art of shadow manipulation which involves spreading your energy into a physical shadow and making your energy stronger than the energy of light to change the shape and area of the shadow, and by talking to and asking the help of spirits that live in shadows you can even give a two dimensional shadow, three dimensions. My Patron Deities: Athena is like a mother figure to me, being a goddess of wisdom, war, arts, justice, skill, and others she has always been someone I felt I could ask advice when I was going to try something new or trying to figure out whether something was right or wrong. It was also my closeness to her that I feel helped me become a good gamer specializing in strategy games like Chess, Stratego, and then moving onto online games. Hermes to me is like a father, being a god of travelers, trade, diplomacy, persuasion, cunning, athletics and many more he seemed like an inspiration to me, someone I wanted to impress and follow in the steps of. I learned quickly from following my instincts like him how to gain the favours of others, and using words and actions to help make sure if I ever needed something I would have the resources to get it. Other: I use to teach but have found now that teaching is a mutual event where both sides should teach the other in a mutual partnership. I am always one to learn the beliefs and rituals of another and hold everyone's beliefs and such in high respect. Now if I don't agree with you I will not necessarily just sit back and say "oh of course your right" I will ask you to explain your opinions and such just at the least as a learning experience. On the magick side I do play a lot with shadows like I said above but I also have a fondness for trick magick, illusions, and the subtle lower magicks. I refuse to do anything that will control someone's will and as such please don't ask me about love spells. I also do not follow the rules of White, Black, Gray, etc. Magick has intentions they can be helpful, or harmful, no spell will ever never do both, and we cant account for every single thing that could happen cause of a spell. Along with that the three-fold law and the rules that you can't use magick for personal gain I also find flawed. (In greek mythology magick is used quite often for personal gain.) I find it flawed because of the wording of selfless or personal gain. Everything I do in my life I end up gaining something. I help someone on the street they say thank you which gives me gratification or some other form of gratification, I get asked to do a presentation I end up getting someone's respect and respect is important to me so counts as personal gain.