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Name: Fasrut
Birthday: Jan 3 1998
Location: Indiana
Gender: Male
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Hello, and Welcome to my Profile, SoM user!

I am Domenyk, but you can call me Fasrut. I'm just your local, friendly, run of the mill wizard. I know technically "witch" is gender neutral, but the term "wizard" just resonates with me more. I enjoy, writing, painting, crafting, and socializing. So please by all means shoot me a message if you have a question, or just want to chat. This isn't my first profile, look at the bottom of my bio to see other names I've used here. Those accounts are deleted, I only like to have one account.

My Practice:

I am pretty much an eclectic wizard (witch). I"ve started on my path with Wicca and Satanism when i was in high school. Moved on to Northern Tradition shamanism with the help of some friends on this site. But now my practice is more about energy manipulation, spell crafting, and spirit work. I'm somewhere between a green wizard and a hedge wizard, so eclectic is probably the best word to use. I am interested in alchemy, but haven't got the time for extra studying and the material on it is few and far between in my area.


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Former Alias' :

Please keep in mind that I've been on this site for many years off and on, and have grown as a person and in practice. I know you can find my old forums posts. If anything seems wrong, off, fanatical, or otherwise annoying, I was very young, very dumb, and have learned since then.

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All my photos are accessible to the public, right now you can see my altar setup (specifically for a consecration ritual) and my personal wand that I made. More photos may come in the future.

In Conclusion Your Honor,

I am just a fun loving guy here to learn and impart my own knowledge on the subjects of magick, witchcraft, and theology. I am always happy to talk, just shoot me a message. If you are fluffy however, and ask me something that is impossible, I will tell you it's impossible, flat out. Not to be mean, but a lot of people spend many years studying their respective practices, don't insult their work by asking them something that you should already know is impossible.

That being said, always welcome to chat with the community, have riveting discussions, and answer a few questions!

Blessed Be!

~Fasrut"The Earth Wizard"