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True love Girl: do you like me?
Boy: no
Girl: do you want me?
Boy: no
Girl: if I left would you cry?
Boy: no
Girl: would you live for me?
Boy: no
Girl: do I ever cross your mind?
Boy: no
Girl: would you do anything for me?
Boy: no
Girl: which would you pick, me or your life
Boy: my life
Hearing this, the girl turns and starts running away with tears. The boy chases after her and stops her.
Boy: You don't cross my mind because you are always on my mind I don't like you because I love you I don't want you because I need you If you left I would die, not cry I wouldn't live for you because I would die for you I wouldn't do anything for you because I'll do everything for you But I would still pick my life because you are my life
*put this on your profile if you agree*
Blue = I want a second chance
Yellow = you're cute
Green = I want a kiss
Purple = I will die for you
Red = I want you to kiss me
Pink = let's cuddle
Orange = I owe you a kiss
Black = I want a hug
Rainbow = I want you in my bed
White = I'm crushing on you
Brown = I love you
Blood red = come to the back room with me ;)
Crimson = die
Turquoise = I don't like you
Aqua = I hate you
Gold = let's be friends
Silver = you're my enemy
Periwinkle = be my friend
Grey =I think I'm falling in love
Mystery = what I want is you
I am engaged