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Name: Shakti_12
Location: India
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Shakti12 was my previous account which was deleted accidentally . I'm back with the new one , trying to reconnect with the people i know .
Welcome to my profile!
To say about myself I'm not specific about my path. I practice cleansing , protection, healing and white magic . I also use divination , energy magic and psychic abilities. I have a good knowledge about hindu and greek mythology so you can ask me questions regarding them and their deities (since one should know the nature, likes and dislikes of the deity before channeling and summoning ) . I can also identify one's earth angel (if any) . I can know if someone is an empath or not (I'm an empath myself). If you have any doubts regarding these, feel free to mail me. I work with hindu and greek deities ( 10 mahavidyas,Durga, Gayatri and Hecate). I have a deep belief on the divine feminine. I also like reading one's personality and interests through spiritual and astrological basis (i studied this field the most). I believe in the limitations of magic ( since there is no use of wasting of time and energy for things that simply can't happen ).
Other practices :-
•Psychiatry (i want everyone to feel mentally healthy)
•Gardening(i love nature)
•Yoga (health is wealth)
•Guided meditation (meditating with binaural beats and special frequencies).
•Ayurveda (nature heals the best).
•Astrology (only the personality and compatibility part ,not predictions)
•Understanding and studying souls of people (classifying them on different bases)
My hobbies:-
•Music (singing and listening)
•Reading and writing fantasy stories (I'm a huge fan of this genre ).
•Cooking (I'm a big foodie)
•Philosophy (sometimes I get quite philosophical).
Some stuff about my personality:-
•I'm a non-judgmental and liberal one (i digest everything without a prejudice or gossip )
•I never want to break one's trust.
•I love to help ( kindness is so simple if one wills to act that way )
•I love to teach and advise (this doesn't mean that I can tutor you for magic , sorry ) .• You can ask me about anything (not necessarily magic ) and i would try my best to answer or give the best advice.
•I still can't tolerate negative people (those with negative mindset). None can .
Me in terms of astrology :-
•Moon sign- Pisces
•Sun sign- leo
•Ascendant- libra
If you want to know more about me and my practice , I'd love to tell you , just open that mailbox of mine . If you are stressed or exhausted in life, suffering with grief and loneliness ,need a friend or you have any other problem as such , my mailbox welcomes you . I would love to talk to and advise you . Healing hearts and souls is my passion. I dont really care about who you are and what your path is . I see the beauty of heart and soul . My mail is open for everyone and I'd love to make friends. I hate an empty mailbox .
Thanks for stopping by !
Blessed be !