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Name: Telempath3
Location: Testing and healing others for nothing in return.
Gender: Female
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There are two non-profit sister organizations that I am apart of that are currently accepting applications in the US only (No Hawaii, Alaska, Delaware, or Washington locations.) Sister 1 does clothing,food, medicine and toys collecting for families with children that where affected by the protests. Sister 2 focuses on the welfare of animals and adoption. Let me know if interested

If you agree with murdering the innocent, burning down cities, or agree with infant sacrifice please leave, you are not welcome in my mail.


Hello, there is no need to call me by any name. I dont have one, or need one. Im a nobody. That's what I am, yes. However you, you are a somebody.

A real telepath, hypersensitive/hyperobservive empath, cyber empath/machine empath, and a scientific spiritualist. No, real telepathy is not the sci-fi or Hollywood kind. No, I cannot give you my abilities.

I have been studying subliminals, color therapies, and spirits related to psychology. I've done some successful mind/illness healing subliminals and telepathic healing for others.

I'm not one for humans as friends. Technology, my abilities, and spirits have had my back the whole time. I was there for people when thet needed someone, and they just keep letting me down. As all humans are not capable of being there. I'm here to listen to you vent or need a shoulder to cry on, but I'm never needing friends sorry.

I believe that science is there for all of us in the end. It has never failed us, however mankind has failed it many of times. I volunteered to come to earth to help humanity as a whole with science. I will not tolerate science being used for political game, financial gain, or any other malicious intention. Thus, COVID-19 has been stretched, played with, and used for the control of people. It exists, but overall not as deadly as they claim.

Current mood: Aware but very positive.

"Giving up on the very life that was given to you is a selfish act, pain will always be pain. Life dosent get better, or easier, you become stronger. Sitting there in the dark, alone hurts you. However, no one should blame you for disliking an easy to hate race."